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On 08/30/10, Justin Rogers, d/b/a Household Restorations, was paid for installation of my roof. On 09/10/10, only 11 days later, the roof failed. On Friday, September 10, 2010, Nashville experienced a very hard rainfall. Unknown to me, the roofers had left a gaping hole in my

roof which allowed a substantial amount of water to leak onto my kitchen ceiling, causing extensive damage to the ceiling, wall cabinet doors, floor cabinet doors, ruining food stored on the counters, and splattering plaster all of my appliances. The amount of the rainwater was so immense that it totally destroyed a huge portion of the kitchen ceiling, causing it to break away and fall, with the dirt and debris splattering all over the kitchen.

During the rainstorm, my husband called Justin Rogers about the roof leaking, and was told that someone would be out to fix it. When another set of roofers arrived an hour later,after the rain had finally stopped, they fixed the roof enough to stop the water from leaking, yet they still left a hole on the roof through which light could easily be seen. My husband informed me that when the first set of roofers replaced the plywood on the backside of the house, they failed to close up all of the holes where the hip, jack rafters and soffit met, and they failed to flash it. This contractor did not even inspect their own work! There was still a hole on the roof, through which birds, bats or wasps can easily enter and set up nests. My poor husband had to climb up onto the roof and fix the gaping hole himself.

Household Restorations is directly responsible for the water damage to my kitchen ceiling and cabinets. Justin Rogers only wanted to patch my kitchen ceiling; I wanted my kitchen ceiling replaced inasmuch as all the blown-in insulation had gotten wet. He never did fix my kitchen ceiling, and, as a matter of fact, accused me and my husband of ruining the ceiling ourselves!

I do not believe the damage to my kitchen would have ever occurred had the contractor had a building permit, as required by law, and had gotten the required final inspection of the roof installation. This contractor failed to even pull a permit for this job, in violation of municipal code and state law.

Oh, by the way, two more leaks developed in my kitchen and an additional leak opened up over the living room. He fixed one of the leaks in the kitchen, but, to this date, this contractor has not fixed the leaks which opened up over the living room.

Do not hire this Justin Rogers of Household Restorations! You will be sorry.

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you need to call a lawyer.the "tennesse condumer protection act" feals with this specifically.

you can sue for 3 times the contracts totsl value plus reasonable fees.

this sounds like a ein win.they changed thier name and now go by bluebird construction.

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Although I do not know the owner (Justin) personally, I do know two of his workers who find the work for him.It's a family owned company, and let's put it this way.

If I had some roof issues like this poor couple did, I'd never call on this company. Little on the shady side. My trust of hiring any company is low, so I ALWAYS check Rip Off, consumer complaints, or the internet in general. Do your homework before hiring people you do not know personally.

Thanks, and good luck but I doubt if you'll recoup any money from these shisters.:(

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